Apple Earphones VS AirPods

Apple Earphones VS AirPods

Progressions and changes that are happening in the world nowadays really comes at a speed of light. Changes in the tech realm especially wait for no one. The world has drastically become a technology necessitate place. Everyone wants to own something that is created or innovated to look fancy and make their lives easier. Therefore, companies that are into tech-ware are trying their very best to keep on delivering a better and much more advancement mechanism to suit the demands of daily living.

The one innovation that storms the world is headphones or headsets, which allows people to zone out of their surroundings while having it into their ears with playing music. There are also different variations to headphones invented. However, here we’ll discuss the two latest and trendiest, which are Apple Earphones and Airpods. We’ll see at the end which one would be more of a preference for most people.

Earphones VS AirPods

What are Earphones?

Apple Earphones VS AirPods

Earphones are wired headphones with earpieces and a wire that needs a ported device in order for it to plug into and connect with. In these particular case we’ll pick Apple’s earphones as the example. Apple’s earphones come in their iPhone and iPod products and have a remote and mic module that allows the earphones to play songs, skip tracks, increases or decreases volume, talk to Siri and to pick up or end a call. Also, these Apple’s earphones have an ambient sound which means it doesn’t cancel out the noise of the surroundings.

What are Airpods?

Apple Earphones VS AirPods

Airpods is the latest invented tech of Apple in the form of a wireless headset. It has an ambient sound to never completely block out the sound from the external. These wireless headsets obviously requires a Bluetooth connection in order to fully utilize. Moreover, it gives you a great experience upon using, but it doesn’t limit to connect with only Apple products. You can connect it to any product via Bluetooth. Their portable comes with a charging case and is touch-sensitive which gives one access to play songs, skip tracks and pick up and end a call. Unfortunately, volume control functions do not exist for their wireless experience. Plus, their sold separately and is quite expensive since it’s so small and equipped with so much tech.

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Earphones and Airpods What The Different?

Apple Earphones VS AirPods

Clearly both devices serve the exact same purpose of delivering clear sounding voices and music through earpieces. It also comes with the same lookalike earpieces that are of a size that fits most. But the slightest difference would really play a major role in making it more desirable by most. Hence, here are the differentiating factors between the earphones and Airpods:

  • Earphones are wired tech with mic and remote module on the wire. Whereas Airpods are wireless with built-in the microphone at the earpieces.
  • Earphones require a port on device whereas Airpods require Bluetooth connectivity.
  • In fact, Earphones have more functions available (volume controls). Whereas Airpods limit in functions. (no volume control and could either double-tap to skip a track or change the setting to double-tap to talk to Siri)
  • Airpods give off an even clearer sound with better bass whereas Earphones give off a clear sound.
  • Earphones are sold on the market at a cheaper price (roughly $30). Whereas Airpods is retailed at a heftier price (estimated to be $160 upwards)
  • Earphones require you to press the mic & remote module once to pause music whereas Airpods automatically pauses music as you remove it from your ears.

There we go those are the differences you’ll experience while trying them both. The qualities differ slightly but I assume most people would love to go with a wireless experience in a headset. It’s easier and way better. For instance, say you are on the treadmill working out. Would you either have a headset on that has wired plug-in port or would you prefer a cordless, Bluetooth connected one? Of course, you would pick the cordless, Bluetooth connected one. You wouldn’t want to run and have wire flinging at you from every direction. You might get caught in the wire and end up dropping your phone or worst falling off the treadmill yourselves.

Which one is Better?

After hearing the example plus the strengths and weaknesses of earphones and Airpods, I think we all agree on a winner here. Even though earphones has more pros than cons in relative to Airpods. We all still think Airpods is the superior technology, any headset could ever offer. It is way more convenient to work with and just makes life simpler, which is the goal and objective of all technological advancement, basically.

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