All You Should Know About Open Back Headphone

Headphones’ use is the order of present-day, especially to the younger generation where music is life. Currently, it is more common to see a person with a headphone in public. They help in listening to your staff alone without affecting any other person, especially in public. This helps in disguising as well as privacy. As such, a headphone has become one of the most coveted items one could have, especially when on traveling or when picnicking.

Since the use of headphones is common nowadays, it has become expedient to get to know everything about headphones and especially open-back headphones. Understanding this helps in choosing the best headphones that offer you quality, as well as serves the right purpose when in use. Furthermore, the market features flooding with different makes of headphones. Which often confuses when you want to choose a specific one. One may wonder which one should I choose?

All You Should Know About Open Back Headphone

What is Open Back Headphone?

What is Open Back Headphone?

An open back headphone, as the name suggests, features a perforated back as such the back of the headphone cup is left open, unlike the commonly closed-back headphones. This causes your headphones to be louder than the normal closed-back headphones. The headphone sounds more realistic than when using the closed-back since the music sound like in a room

While the common headphone type is the closed-back headphone that seeks to isolate one from the rest of the audience. The open back falls short by allowing others to hear what is running into your ears.

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What are the special features of Open Back Headphones?

What are the special features of Open Back Headphones?

One of the main features of an open back headphone is the perforation at its backs or having the back of the ear cups open. The opening or perforation helps in letting in more ambient sounds into the headphones in addition to leaking more sound from the headphone. However, this gives the headphone over other types. By allowing a more natural as well as a more speaker-like experience sound experience with your headphones. This is so because of the inclusion of environmental sounds.

On the other hand, like normal speakers, the headphones also feature poles of a permanent magnet that are placed adjacent to a flexible steel diaphragm. The audio signal from your devices causes a varied magnetic field that causes the diaphragm to move back and forth. The diaphragm then vibrates to produce the sound signals that are interpreted by your ear. As such, the open back headphone’s difference with other headphones is the perforation of the ear cup to create an ambient sound.

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The Pros and Cons of Using Open Back Headphone

The Pros and Cons of Using Open Back Headphone


One of the advantages of an open back headphone mainly falls under the quality of sound produced. Most of the people, especially audiophiles, consider quality rather than any other factor, and open back headphones, are top in quality sound.

The other advantage of open-back headphones is less sweaty ears. This happens because your ears feature partial enclosure under the headphones. It thus allowing your skin to breathe freely as such, you enjoy longer sessions of listening with the open back headphones.

Furthermore, the exclusion of the back of the cups of the headphones allows them to have a lesser weight when compared to normal headphones. Thus are comfortable for use over long periods without irritation of your head and ears.


One of the fallbacks of open-back headphones falls that they allow noise to enter the headphone in addition to allows sound playing to reach nearby people; hence there no such, they only useful in your house but not in public.

Furthermore, due to noise, the open back headphones feature a less bass quantity due to drowning by the noise. Thus you operation happens at high volumes.

Open Back Headphone Vs. Regular Headphone

Open Back Headphone Vs. Regular Headphone

Most of the regular headphones are made up of closed-back headphone types. These headphones offer you increased isolation from the world around you; hence are good for outdoors, especially in public places. Additionally, they feature increased bass boost as there is no noise to contest with. As such, many people have preferred these types of headphones over open-back headphones. However, not everyone, since there is a place for open-back headphones.

When you talk an audiophile or someone who wants a quality headphone. They will advise you to go for the open-back headphone. That allows you to experience quality sound as well as a natural sound as it would sound in a concert are as intended by the producer. As such, you will find that the most expensive headphones are open-back headphones whose aim is to only offer a high-quality sound to the user.

Conventionally, a blend in between the two types of headphones to couple their advantages with semi closer, offers a better solution to the limitations of both. Furthermore, the other option is having both types for you where you can use the open back headphones in your home, and while on the move and in public, you can use the closed-back ones.

It is common that most of the expensive high-end headphones employ open-back technology in order to offer a more natural sound in addition to increased clarity. Therefore the open-back headphones feature coveting all over the world for their quality sound in addition to clarity despite their fallbacks like no noise-canceling since they allow noise to enter easily, making your audio harder to hear.

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This review has given you all that you need to know for you to choose the right headphone for your use, depending on your preferences as well as needs. Another thing that you will do is take care of your open-back headphones, for they will destroy easily from dirt and foreign particles.


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