All You Need To Know About Waterproof Speakers

When the first person to come up with a noise canceling headphone, we thought that this was the ends of such inventions. Little did we know that soon a waterproof speaker would be the next invention. Today, these speakers let one listen to their favorite audio anytime, not only while bathing but also while swimming. Now in the market today, you will find many manufacturers of these speakers selling them, each trying to spice theirs with an additional feature or two. This piece explains all that you need to know about these waterproof speakers. We go a notch higher giving you examples of the best speakers in the market. Read it through, and it will help you to know how to buy one. Check this out if you are looking Best Waterproof Speakers

Get to know waterproof speakers

What are waterproof speakers?

When searching for outdoor speakers to buy, two terminologies keep coming up. They are waterproof speakers and water-resistant one. First of all, let us be up to speed on what waterproof speakers are. English tells us that anything that is waterproof is anything that will work correctly even when subjected or submerged in water. This means that despite the amount of water that you throw these speakers into, they still function optimally. Marine speakers is another name for Waterproof speakers. It produces the best sound in even in a wet environment.

Back on our discussion, waterproof speakers and weather resistant speakers are two different things despite them somehow sounding like one thing. While the case of these two speakers might seem to be the same, it is the parts of the two that brings out the whole difference.

Waterproof speakers are excellent for boaters and people who spend most of the time in the water. In the same breath, these speakers are an excellent deal for hot days when one feels like relaxing on the beach or swimming pool.

They also come in various categories to ensure that a buyer gets something that meets all their needs. Below are the details.

Types of Waterproof speakers

There are four categories of waterproof speakers, and these include the following.

  • Dual cone speakers
  • Coaxial speakers
  • Component speakers
  • Subwoofers

The first category consists of only a single driver also known as the sound output source.

Nonetheless, these use two different cones that are available in both small and large sizes. The large cones provide the mid-range frequencies as well as low frequencies. The small cones produce high frequencies.

These waterproof speakers usually do not have a broad sound frequency spectrum. However, they work fairly well, and most people buy them more since they are pocket-friendly.

The other name for coaxial speakers is two-way speaker or 3-way speakers — these speakers on top of the other speaker. These usually use multiple drivers, therefore, can handle various frequencies. They have a tweeter, which handles high frequency. This speaker is has been placed in the middle of the speaker. The woofer surrounds this speaker. This woofer handles both the mid-range and the low frequencies. This speaker has better performance regarding sound quality when compared to the dual cone speaker. Needless to say, that its components may not always be as good as that of a component speaker.

About Waterproof Speakers

The component speaker is thought to be more than a speaker. This speaker is set up such that the high frequencies and the low frequencies are each handled by different components/speakers. The frequencies, through the crossover, gets divided electronically such that each speaker produces its said frequency. In the end, you get a rather better sound quality than the above two.

Finally, there is the last category of waterproof speakers which are sub-woofers. This one is designed only to produce the low frequencies. These are the bases. These speakers are ideal for heavy thunder-like frequencies. However, their use will solely depend on the user’s opinion. This is so because even a good quality coaxial speaker is capable of producing the same sound effect produced by the sub-woofer.

In this piece, however, we are talking about headphone speakers with the ability to cancel noise. It is called a noise canceling headphone speaker. This kind of speaker lets one listen to audio without the ambient noise. As the saying is twisted, one man’s noise is another person’s good audio, the noise canceling headphone bars unnecessary noise from the environment from disrupting your audio. This means that you continue enjoying clear audio anytime. When used in the water, especially on a beach, one does not hear the effect of wind on water inform of sound. Therefore, we can conclude that these speakers have two unbeatable capabilities. These are working perfectly even when splashed with water, and being capable of cutting down on ambient noise.

How do waterproof speakers work?

The same principle that applies on waterproof speakers is the same that works for a waterproof headphone. However, before a speaker can be considered waterproof, it should first have a rating of IPX rating of from 7 or 8.  For example, a waterproof speaker that is rated IPX7 can survive being dropped in water, 3 feet deep. Nonetheless, you need not leave it there sitting for too long. Such speakers, therefore, are good if you take along with you, a floatation device as you keep floating on the pool or the beach. Even as your air mattress becomes waterlogged, you do not have to worry much about your portable waterproof speaker. A waterproof speaker rated IPX8 can withstand a little more swim than the former designation.

With this kind of speaker, one can take it with them on their floating intertube or leave it trailing along without having to worry about it. Despite your waterproof speaker rating, it is always wise to ensure that all the ports are sealed before taking it with you for a swim.

You will agree that sometimes back, no one would have thought of even taking his or her portable devices with him or her for a swim. However, these days there is no reason for one not taking their portable waterproof speakers for a swim. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that it has a higher IPX rating. Technology has made it possible for one to sing in the rain without having your music to come to a stop due to the rain. That is why; the same technology has also been applied to the noise cancellation headphone. This way you do not have to worry about having your headphones clogged with water, or the rain ambiance distorting your audio.

How Is It Relevant ?

Mild music enables people to perform work more efficiently. Most people love listening to music for varied instances.  Music soothes as well as relaxes individuals. While you cannot use your phone while in the bathroom, today, advanced technology has made it possible to use Bluetooth waterproof speakers to enjoy the music. In addition to that, today, most manufacturers are coming up with quality design waterproof speakers that let you listen to your favorite tunes even while in the shower. On the same breath, we have the waterproof noise-canceling headphones. They also pair with Bluetooth devices to enable one to play music seamlessly.

These speakers have many benefits. For one; they provide the best solution over carrying your normal speaker to the bathroom or swimming pool. Here are a few benefits that these speakers have.

All You Need To Know About Waterproof Speakers

They are portable

Most of these waterproof speakers are smaller in size than your normal speaker thus you can carry them easily, anywhere. For instance, it can work wonders for you if you are traveling. They are small in size, and therefore they can fit easily in your briefcase, backpack or even your purse.

Reduce clutter

Most waterproof speakers connect to the Bluetooth device without wires. You can use the speakers with your smartphone, your tablet, as well as mother devices. You do not need to have additional wires to achieve this. Additionally, wires are the main form of clutter in a modern home. Therefore since these waterproof speakers connect your house directly will remain clean at all times.

Save money

Another advantage is that these speakers do not break down easily because of water. Therefore, they stay for long without needing any repair. This means that you save a lot on repair cost. You can channel this money elsewhere and do other great things.

Also, since they pair with Bluetooth wirelessly, you save a lot on the installation expenses. You do not need to buy cables to wire your audio devices throughout your house. Also, you do not need to hire professionals to come and set the waterproof speaker.

The benefits of waterproof speakers are not only numerous but also varied. Most of them are are also reasonably portable. For that reason, it is easy for you to take them to the beach, park, or any other place that you would like to host a party.

They are waterproof

When even a single drop of water drops on your normal speaker, it may easily damage it or interfere with its normal functioning. These speakers are waterproof; they will withstand the drops of water and still deliver without any problem. This means that if it is music you are listening to with them you will do so without worrying that they will break. Especially if they can pair with Bluetooth, they are handy even in the swimming pool or bathroom. Since they come in great design, they can deliver even when wet.

They are ideal for outdoor adventure

In case you are going out for an outdoor adventure, especially in the pool, rainy area or by the beach, remember to include these. These waterproof speakers have jack ports for connecting your phone and playing your favorite music. Also, these waterproof speakers do withstand harsh weather conditions such as dust, rain or even wind. Therefore, these should be a must-have whenever you are going for an outdoor adventure anytime.

The Best Waterproof Speakers to Buy In 2021

Denon Envaya DSB-250BT

Denon Envaya DSB-250BT
Denon Envaya DSB-250BT

This is a waterproof speaker that does not look like any other waterproof speaker you have ever seen in the market. The Denon Envaya DSB-250BT fits into a classy living room and has an IP67. Features include being 0.93 in weight, portable, and have a battery that runs for 13 hours.

The waterproof speaker’s wireless range is more than 100 feet, and its frequency response is TBC. It is available with two 40mm active drivers and one 53 by 135mm passive radiator. The speaker comes with an Auxiliary in, and a USB for charging. It has no NFC.

UE Wonderboom

UE Wonderboom
UE Wonderboom

The speaker has a rechargeable battery, which when you charge them fully lasts for up to 10 hours. Its wireless range is 100 plus feet with a frequency response of 80Hz to 20 kHz. The speaker has two drivers, of 40 mm and 46 by 65 mm passive radiators. Also comes with an auxiliary port and cable, plus a USB port. The battery and the USB cable are provided.


  • Delivers deep sound punches
  • Provides 360 degrees surround
  • IPX7

Having read about waterproof speakers, you will discover that there are various kinds of these speakers. Also, you have also seen that terminologies can sometimes be the thin line between getting a waterproof speaker and a weather-resistant speaker. Up to this juncture, we believe that you can differentiate between the two. Also, we believe that you have understood that each waterproof speaker has a unique rating. Known as the IPX. This is the value that determines how long the speaker can remain functional when submerged in water. There are many other features that you need to look at to know whether the speaker is a hit or a miss. We hope that this guide will lead you to choose the right waterproof speaker to suit your needs.


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