6 Life Hacks for Tinder That Really Work

6 Life Hacks for Tinder That Really Work

Tinder is a Titan in the field of online dating. The app is used by men and women all over the world. They are looking for love for a lifetime, love not quite for all life, just flirting and attention, caressing self-esteem, and much, much more.

Why do some people do everything like clockwork, while others delete the app a week later and snort disdainfully at the mention of Russian brides or the app in general? Why do some online searches bring love, adventure, and just good sex, while others bring disappointment and sadness?

6 Secrets for Tinder That Will Help You

It’s all because some people know the secret passages and working schemes, while others just lie on the couch and wait for hot guys and girls to fall from the sky on them. Isn’t it time to change sides?

1. Remember the Pitfalls

No one has time to find out how rich your inner world is. Your ability to maintain a conversation on any topic and erudition will play a role only later when you start a dialogue. Right now, all you have is your profile.

A common mistake of Tinder users is to write a list of requirements for a future partner in the profile description and not say a word about themselves. Put yourself in the place of the person who read your profile — zero information about you, a lot of requirements for a partner.

2. Try to Be Positive

In one evening, you can scroll through several dozen profiles and arrange a couple of dates. And all this without leaving the house. When you get acquainted on this app, you’ll find lots of different people.

There are a lot of beautiful people on Tinder. Sometimes it seems that when registering, users undergo a special selection process. By the way, celebrities also use Tinder! Online dating is effective. According to recent research, about forty percent of modern people find soulmate online.

3. Study the Functionality

Find out how the dating app works — whether it’s Tinder or another one. You can install several apps on your smartphone and ultimately choose the one that will satisfy you in all respects.

4. Show the Initiative

It applies to both guys and girls. Write a message and wait for a response. The other person doesn’t respond at all? Move on. Answers sparingly and somewhat reluctantly? Move on. There is still a lot of fish in the sea, remember that.

5. Photo

Upload at least three high-quality pictures. An abundance of photoshop and filters are not welcome. Special attention should be paid to the background of pictures. Choose those where you look at the camera and smile, practice sports, or travel.

6. Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

You are awaited by empty and boring dialogues, correspondence that ends in the most interesting place for unknown reasons, bitter disappointments when a person with an interesting profile turns out to be an absolutely uninteresting dummy. You just have to accept it. Whatever it is, you get a useful experience — that’s the main thing.

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