Month: March 2019

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 AC2200

Netgear’s release of their Nighthawk X4 AC2200 (EX7300) Wi-Fi Range Extender that saw it join up with the rest of the networking manufacturers like Linksys and Amped Wireless, in offering Multi-user Multiple Output, Multiple Input or MU-MIMO technology for plug-in range extenders. It is easier to manage and also install the EX7300, but it doesn’t […]



Regardless of the network that you have in place, D-LINK WIRELESS AC1200 DUAL BAND WI-FI GIGABIT RANGE EXTENDER can change it for the better. It is capable of boosting the coverage that your wireless network has as of now. In addition to that, it will improve the signal strength. That is something any organization that […]

Best Wireless Printers in 2021 You Should buy Now!

Wireless printers are becoming a commonplace item in both small offices as well as homes, even larger businesses are opting this option. Wi-Fi-connectivity allows users more flexibility in where to place their printer and also gives them the option of printing from mobile devices. Not worrying about unsightly cables is an extra plus point. It […]

Best Sony Speakers in 2021

The Sony Speakers have become very popular as a result of them being of very high quality with excellent sound. Sony Speakers has continued to revolutionize how we listen to music, be it in the car, on our living rooms or even when walking down the street. This brand has been known for being reliable […]

Best Gaming Laptop Less Than 1500

Best Gaming Laptop Less Than 1500

To begin, gaming laptops are quite special compared to other general use laptops. They need to be fast more than other laptops as they make use of high memory use. With a low memory laptop, you will find it difficult into gaming as the laptop will keep hanging. What will matter most is the processor […]

Violin Strings

Best Violin Strings in 2021

With an increase in the number of violins in the market, finding the best violin string can be quiet tricky. What has made the violin a famous instrument is the sound quality which results from the violin strings? There are numerous kinds of strings which are based on the kind of manufacturing material that is […]

Earphones with Mic

Top 10 Best Earphones with Mic in 2021

Recently, we have been able to witness an increase in the production of earphones with mic. Earphones with mic have been engineered to ensure that they deliver high-quality sound with massive bass. During the manufacturing of these devices, they usually pay attention to the little details to ensure that they provide ultra-clear highs with stunning […]

Best Wi-Fi Light Switch in 2021

The concept of a smart home is getting more and more popular with each passing day. The desire to live in a modern house that has the features of a smart home is the reason because of which the demand for smart home devices is at a record high. There was a time a year […]

D-Link DIR-818LW AC750 Cloud Router

D-Link DIR-818LW AC750 Cloud Router Review

For a compact wireless router, the D-Link DIR-818LW AC750 also known as the AC 750 is a dual-band Gigabit Cloud Router. This is another budget wireless router that is simple to use. Not only is the setup straightforward, but you can also choose a color best suited for your lifestyle and needs. You can also […]