1MORE Quad Driver Earphones

1MORE Quad Driver Earphones have been around for a while now and have risen to become among the best in the industry. Many people have come to appreciate that they are very charming. They have unfashionably open and very accurate sound rather than overtly bassy sound that many of the buds tend to push. Likewise, they never lack bass but never provides an excess of it. They are very reliable with all the forms of music. However, you never need to turn the volume up very high than with some of the earphones, presumably as a result of the high impedance.

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Ultimate Reviews of the 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones

As described above, they are very simple and comfortable to wear. So, what makes them stand out among the many types available in the market? What do they have to offer? In the details below, we unveil the amazing features and more details that make them unique.


1MORE Quad Driver Earphones

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The moment you do have a chance to open the box, 1MORE Quad Driver Earphone impress regarding the packaging as well as the build quality. Earbuds are going to feel like they are milled from the solid block of Aluminum. Also, remote and the 3.5 mm L-connector have been made from Aluminium, and they do feel like they can withstand being run over by a motor vehicle.

Earbuds are very large, but still, they can fit comfortably in the ears. 1MORE Quad Driver Earphone packs a ton of the different earbud tips to be able to try. This is a very good idea to experiment with them to get the best deal. Without the proper seal, the bass response is going to suffer.

On right earbud cable, you will be able to find three button remote which works with the Android as well as the iOS device to control the playback, volume and also activate the voice assistant of any choice you like. This cable of 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones is tangle resistant, but this does not imply you cannot tangle them. Included in the box is a very amazing leather hard case with the magnetic clasp, 3.5mm – 6.35mm adapter to be able to use with the desktop amplifiers.

The included foam tips tend to be too shallow to create a very good seal. However, thankfully included silicone tips are very excellent.


1MORE Quad Driver Earphones

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  • Item weight: 0.8 ounces.
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Headphone fit: In-Ear.
  • Frequency: 20 – 40 kHz.
  • Cable: 3.5 mm tangle free.
  • Comfort: It is super comfortable.
  • Design: Built for the travel as well as to last for long.
  • Quality: Provides a luxurious way of listening to music.

1MORE Quad Driver Earphones has four drivers which can deliver the unsurpassed power as well as definition. The meticulous design with the streamlined Aluminium chamber helps to ensure comfort and excellent noise isolation. The comfortable ergonomic design for an amazing natural fit as well as an extended use.

Manufacturers have incorporated an intelligent control technology which allows you to be able to answer calls, adjust volume as well as skip tracks. It comes with accessories which do include the travel case, airline adapter, matching shirt clip and the 9 ear tips.


1MORE Quad Driver Earphones

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When it comes to the performance of 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones, you are going to be impressed with the sound balance, voicing and soundstage. The fans of Sennheiser HD600 are going to fall in love 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones. This goes on and creates an effect of sitting in the middle of concert hall instead of being in a front row. Fans of the more dramatic, the front row presentation may not love voicing of Quad Driver.

Regarding the tonal balance, 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones have an amazing balance. The highs usually have very high tonal balance but do lack sparkle of the forward earbuds like Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE. Something to note is that this is not a very bad thing as it implies you can be able to listen to music for very many hours without even suffering from the audio fatigue.

Mids are standout of 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones with the lush and honey like presentation. Various Female vocalists such as Norah Jones can sound so detailed and very smooth. It has a slight mid-bass bump to offer a warm presentation that works to help the poorly mastered songs to sound bearable.

The bass is very tight and features an excellent extension and impact. 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones provides excellent job of the sounding great with all genres of music.


1MORE Quad Driver Earphones

Last update on 2020-05-10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

When it comes to the setup of 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones, it is very simple. There are no complex measures that are involved in the setup process. They simply plug and play earphones. All you need is a device and connect them. Boom! You start enjoying the music of high audio quality.

While the price of 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones may seem to be very high, according to our research, this matches well with its features. it has been able to balance sound. It has amazing build quality, the smartphone compatibility as well as the price. We only have one reservation, which is that this earphone does face very stiff competition from the 1MORE’Triple Driver sibling which costs half the price of 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones. Purchase 1MORE Quad Driver Earphones, and you are going to love the results.

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