With Wi-Fi being the most significant innovations since the evolution of the internet, the need to boost your Wi-Fi signal is as strong as ever. A Wi-Fi is the most critical thing in the life of people across the globe. Imagine a scenario where you are browsing the web, and suddenly, the network slows down or fails you. This happens on a daily basis to countless people while they are doing online payment transactions. People are constantly plagued with lousy reception, slow speeds, and all the other issues that come with having an active Wi-Fi connection.

A robust Wi-Fi connection not only enables you to stay connected but also makes the process much faster so that you no longer have to spend hours stuck in front of a computer. You must boost your Wi-Fi signal not only to get rid of the frustration levels that are associated with low speeds but also to get the work done in a more efficient and faster way.

In light of all that, here we share with you ten ways in which you can easily boost your Wi-Fi signal in a jiffy!

10 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

1.Don’t bury your router for aesthetics!

router for aestheticsRouters may be well-engineered tech that keeps you connected to the web all the time, but that doesn’t mean they are really good to look at too. So, people make the mistake of hiding it at a corner of the house. The chances are that the router will be hidden under the table or a place that is much lower to the ground. This will cause the signals to hit the ground at a steep angle, and the overall range of the network will be considerably reduced.

2.Update your device regularly!

UpdateNothing slows down hardware like an outdated software. This happens every so often that many don’t consider updating their Wi-Fi modem. Users must understand that buying a Wi-Fi modem isn’t the last piece of the puzzle. There will always be bugs and other software shortcomings that can be easily fixed by running the device on the latest software. You can update the modem in the modem settings or better yet, put the device on automatic updates.

3.Recycle the old router to a Wi-Fi Repeater!

Recycle the old routerFor this one, you will be required to buy a range extender. You won’t have to spend a lot of money in them, but if you do not want to invest in them at all, it is possible for you to turn your archaic router into a range extender. This will get the job done inexpensively.

4.Find a good spot!

good spotMany users make the mistake of putting their Wi-Fi near a wall or something that hinders the range of the device. The place of the router in a house plays a significant role when it comes to range. 2-3 meters from the ground without any immediate obstructions ensures that the Wi-Fi range is spread out evenly and adequately. Open space is always the best place to set up your router. That doesn’t mean that the router must be placed at the center of a room. You can place it anywhere within a 2-3 feet distance around it.

5.Consider the frequency!

Frequency matters a lot when it comes to selecting the right Wi-Fi setup. It all depends on the modem that you have. If you have a device with a dual-band router, you are better off with selecting the 5 GHz band. It gives you a great range and doesn’t catch much interference. So, go to your administrator settings and select a channel that gives you the best coverage.

6.Give your router its own special space!

Give your routerInterference is a villain when it comes to radio waves as they tend to distort everything up. The best possible way to counter it is to space out your Wi-Fi modem. Household appliances like microwaves, fluorescent lamps, and cell phones emit interference that can cause the Wi-Fi to go rogue. So, better place your Wi-Fi away from such objects. Also, you can opt to select a channel that has less interference.

7.Enhance the security by getting rid of freeloaders!

Enhance the security by getting rid of freeloadersThe decrease in the speed of a Wi-Fi is proportional to the number of people on the network. So, if there are more people on the network, they are going to hog up the bandwidth. Also, if your Wi-Fi doesn’t have a password, the situation becomes a whole lot worse as now, people can just have a free ride at your cost. So, it’s better to hide your Wi-Fi visibility by clocking it, and you should set a hard-to-crack password.

8.Reboot your router regularly!

Reboot Wi-Fi routers may seem complex to configure, but most of the time, a simple reboot will do the trick. Actually, many of the tech problems faced by Wi-Fi routers can be fixed by rebooting the entire device. Make a habit of rebooting it once in a while.

9.Add an external antenna!

external antennaUsing an external antenna instead of an internal one is always a good idea as it is responsible for sending out a stronger signal. Always opt for a directional antenna instead of an omnidirectional antenna so that it can send the signal in different directions and boost your Wi-Fi speed.

10.Utilize beer cans to your advantage!

Utilize beer cans You normally think about beer when you have a thirst for a chilled drink on a hot summer day. However, did you know that soda and beer cans are made up of aluminum that helps in reflecting the signal of the Wi-Fi even farther than the actual router itself? Yes, it’s true! You can also use tinfoil for the same purpose.


After following these little tips and tricks, we are pretty sure that your Wi-Fi will be faster, more secure and infinitely more reliable. It does not take a lot to boost your Wi-Fi signal, and if you wish to experience a super-fast browsing experience, these techniques are the way to go!

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